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This is an interactive astrology report. If you need your chart calculated, Astro-Seek is a great place to start. The reference will call to mind specific ways that the reading pertains to your life. A good place to find basic house information is Cafe Astrology. Special Note : Please look for an expanded interpretation on Neptune toward the end of this report.

More interpretations on Neptune will follow in months ahead, too. Thank you for visiting Old World Mystics! In one area of life, everything clicks into place. Hard work and determination can result in a big pay-off. Some of us took longer to reach our destination. Discipline applied to creativity results in accomplishment.

Look for the Earth signs in your natal chart, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The houses containing these signs can tell you about areas of life where the interpretations apply.

Jupiter Transits: Predictive Astrology – Techniques for Predicting the Future

Although things may be working well in one area of life, in another area, a critical point is reached. The dream of life as it could be is opposed to life as it actually is. Some may feel the need to choose between a dream or reality.

Look for Virgo and Pisces in your natal chart. To pinpoint the opposition, look for 17 degrees of the signs.

Mercury Transits

If you have natal planets or angles very close to 17 degrees, the transit will be stronger for you. In general, though, the houses containing Virgo and Pisces can tell you about areas of life where these interpretations apply. We should not give up on the dream. It will take some time to figure out how we can have our cake and eat it too, but it can be done. Write, discuss, ponder, and plan because it can be worked out.

Try looking at the situation from a bigger perspective. Look for Sagittarius in your natal chart to understand how this interpretation might apply. Together, the transiting planets in Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces make up the T-Square configuration. After reaching a pinnacle or milestone, we can feel a push to keep up with the new level. Balance in life will be key in easing tensions. Something that can help is scheduling time for both work and pleasure. We reap our rewards, or harvest our bounty, when we allocate time for both aspects of life.

Look for Libra and Capricorn in your natal chart. The houses containing these signs can tell you about areas of life where this interpretation applies. When discipline, focus, and hard work are applied to fresh, creative ideas, the results can be stunning and long-lasting. This can tell you about areas of life where the positive facets of Saturn and Uranus can work together. The long-term work would be associated with the area where Capricorn is located in your natal chart.

Mercury Transits To Planets and Points in the Natal Chart

The spark would be associated with the area where Taurus is located in your natal chart. This is a creative process following the cycle of chaos to structure. You might picture the formation of our own solar system. Eventually, though, elements coalesce, and their place within the overall structure is determined. This is the creative process, and one that we can be undergoing in our own lives. Give it time. Look for Sagittarius and Pisces in your natal chart for clues about how or where this process might be occurring.

Where Neptune transits, something with structure is dissolving; however, it can be difficult to ascertain. Think of the way water dissolves rock. It happens over a long period of time, so if we are looking for it in the moment, the change can be imperceptible. At the same time, you can look for sensitive spots in the natal chart, such as planetary placements and house cusp degrees, because an event or shift can occur when Neptune connects with an important, specific location. Using these two approaches can help with the interpretation.

The experience of a Neptune transit, with structure dissolving, can be blissful and exciting because something that was stable is undergoing change, and the freedom can be exhilarating. Alternatively, though, when structure dissolves, it can be confusing or disquieting because the former delineation is lost.

Neptune in Pisces is in dignity, a strong, positive position, so the experience can be favorable. Still, there are many factors in the natal chart to consider in determining the expression of the transit. For example, simply drinking clear, clean, fresh water can be an experience to relish with gratitude.

Also, cleansing the body with water can bring about a sense of well-being. With Neptune in Pisces, we can be highly conscious of water and all the goodness it brings. We can also experience a heightened awareness about our personal and collective evolution. This is a time to raise consciousness. The former self and the new self are working out a resolution, and it takes time.

Be kind to yourself as you undergo the process. You can feel great compassion for others at this time; use that same sense of love and understanding to support yourself as well. What is important to you now? Yes, don't forget that the US has by far the most powerful military presence in history, with a budget that outspends the next top 12 to 17 nations depending on who's reporting , and with troops in nations on our planet. Yes, let's hope the institutional framework can hold strong against the various shenanigans perpetuated by both parties I am sorry I was angry with you last week and I apologize.

I had a feeling you would respond to my grumpiness through your weekly column in some fashion. This Pluto transit has been enlightening. It just makes me sad that the situation is what it is today at dinner tables all across America.

Like Michael Lutin said in his various stories since - it's the individual we elect in Thanks for your kind comments, they're much appreciated Question: Is there any other candidate with as strong an astrological standing as Trump for the election; someone whose basket would deserve all the opposition's eggs? You wrote "But major Pluto transits can bring horrific catastrophes, sending the nation back to its core values for the re-birth phase. What form will this Plutonian collapse take?

Or would the catastrophes be more physical than philosophical? Nothing on Trump. Seems like much ado about nothing--except for the dudes who went to jail. Stay tuned! Watch as Pluto turns retrograde while oposing Trump's Saturn. It's because Google deems my site not mobile friendly. Fixing it would mean re-designing dozens of pages and I don't have the time to do that. Not to worry that it's being hacked though. Thanks for the feedback. He has Mars 25 degrees Sag, Uranus 25 degrees Scorpio and his moon for noon shows 28 Aquarius so if born earlier in day may actually be right on 25 degrees!

Maybe you already predicted it, but do you think the U. If Brexit happens, the ensuing recession would spread to Europe like a cancer. Putin, of course, wants to restore Russia in its formal glory as a superpower to rival the US, and do do that, he needs to split and divide the West. Ergo, he supports Brexit. Trump wants a hotel in Moscow, and he is willing to do anything to make that happen, no matter what the cost.

Saturn Transits to Planets

With the Mueller report completed when Mercury is retrograde, would that hinder his case and be good for Trump? Or does the retrograde in this instance signify uncovering of secrets? When I heard that, I thought of his progressed Moon. Yes, that braggadocio is a clear manifestation of his martial self-promotion. Is there a Bitcoin chart that fits this valuation pattern? Is Bitcoin set to become the first international non-state medium of exchange? Thanks for your interesting site. And does Trump's chart ever show signs of incarceration?

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He'll likely skate any federal charges, but it seems NY jails are ready and open for his business Note that by definition, the Lunar Nodes are aligned with the eclipsed planet. However, many other factors should be considered, especially how his opponent's chart looks. Basing any forecast or prediction on one indicator is a sure way to miss the boat.

Favorable transits can be totally over-ruled by hard progressions, for example. There's also been a lot of speculation about his drug use Aderall in particular. In addition, hundreds of mental health professionals expressed their concerns, issuing an analysis and a warning to all of us.

Plus, his increasingly bizarre behavior indicates major problems. Would you please consider looking into Trump's mental health? Sanders candidacy is a classic diversionary tactic to peel off and divide the more liberal voters away from the larger Democratic candidate. The Repubs will never attack Sanders; just watch.

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The Democratic Field Narrows. Mars Activated; M. Moon; LoveSac Wins over Consumers. I have seen your other writings on this subject and was intrigued. You have now tipped the scale. I will be defending your view on other astrology sites. I recall, as an immigrant with a perspective from other cultures, that what struck me the most about this country is that it is one of extremes; the Americans I have met in my travels reflected both the very best and the very worst.

Also, following your other arguments regarding the Revolutionary War, it was really more about taxation without representation than human freedom. If not, who didn't, and what in their chart overrode that? Thanks for your comments this morning; disturbing as I find them.

All of them since FDR have has this connection, which shows the importance of media in conveying a candidate's essence. Prior to FDR, connections to Pluto dominated, which was more about connecting to the elite. Keep the stock tips coming! Your very interesting look at past presidents and how they got to be one, reveals the "norm. Do they, the odd-men-out-but-in, share something? NewsScope for October 7, Last week, as Trump faced an inquiry for asking Ukraine to investigate the Biden family, he openly suggested that China should do the same.

This was within days of when the investigation into the Ukraine scandal broke out. Lilith in Sagittarius can readily lead to unethical behavior, and fear or manipulation of foreigners in the 4th house.