Sagittarius horoscope for february 7

On February 4, the new moon in Aquarius arrives, offering a fresh start around communication issues—will you have all the answers now?

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No, but they are coming! A new perspective is blooming and exciting ideas are being shared. New moons ask us to be quiet and listen—you have a famously big mouth, Sag, but do you think you could quiet down and listen to those around you and most importantly, your inner voice? February 7 finds the sun connecting with Jupiter and Mercury with Mars, boosting communication all around, so watch out for what news comes your way. Mercury connects with Uranus on February 9, bringing about something unexpected and a chance to flirt with a crush! Work is also on your mind as Mars enters Taurus on February 14, lighting the fire under your butt to get organized, and boosting your energy to take on more gigs.

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On February 17, Venus dances with Neptune, finding you in a dreamy and nostalgic mood—meeting with old friends or having a cozy date with a lover. Spend some time at your altar and connect with your ancestors! More excitement kicks up on February 18, when the sun connects with Uranus, bringing surprising news and meetings your way.

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Plus, Venus meets with Saturn, which will be fab for your finances—and your sense of self-worth, too! Your self-assuredness is especially inspiring to others now. Pisces season begins on February 18, and February 19 brings a full moon in Virgo, bringing about a major culmination in your career. The stars will be in a positive position for Sagittarians for the first half of the month. Sagittarians could face many challenges later on, although they will be able to handle these with the help of Jupiter, the planet of luck, which will accompany the sign almost the entire year.


The sun will be in the sign Aquarius through February 18th. This is an excellent position from which you will feel balanced and will be open to receiving new impulses and suggestions others make to you. You will also be more ambitious during this time and find it easier to make decisions and assert yourself. This aspect will remain in effect through the end of the month and beyond. This time could bring challenges along with it. For example, you might find other people to be working against you who you never would have dreamed would do so.

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As long as you know this is coming in advance, you can be well equipped to handle it. Mars, the planet of energy will remain in the sign Aries through February 14th. This is a very good position for Sagittarians, as the planet will form a favorable trine. This aspect will bring courage, risk-taking behavior, and a thirst for adventure. These aspects always indicate a period of reorientation. You should ask yourself whether the energy you are expending in certain areas is being used wisely.

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Make sure you use this time well. Sagittarians will experience an especially lucky time. This transit almost always leads to a broad expansion in possibilities. You could expand your business activities during this time, or you could receive a promotion. This is also a time to expect financial gain. Obstacles that existed in the past will be removed from your past, and Saturn will remain in the neighboring sign of Capricorn. Jupiter is a planet to rely on. Mercury will be in the sign Aquarius through February 10th and forming a beneficial sextile.

This will favor communication and professional areas, as well as anything having to do with money. Intellectual studies and written work will be much easier during this time than otherwise. You might receive positive news now as well. Understandings that once came easy could be disrupted. Now is the time to be cautious as misunderstandings and mistakes could occur, and you might even face lies. This is also a time during which you might receive unwanted visitors. Since you know these challenges are coming, your job is to face them with good humor.

The goddess of love will remain in your own sign Sagittarius through February 3rd. This is an optimal position, and Sagittarians will feel like hugging the whole world.

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This will be a great time for love. Afterwards things will wane a bit, but you can offset anything with a little personal initiative. Art will become more important during this time, as will everything good and beautiful in the world.

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